About Us- EMNI

EMNI is a force; pushing against the boundaries of acceptance whilst being pulled simultaneously towards the fashionable and the unforgettable. It is also forcing its way into the spotlight with innovative ideas and designs. The imaginative creation of Reading University students Emma Parrish (Film and Theatre) and Nimra Khan (Law), EMNI is a conglomeration of different art forms, and will provide a gateway for the ambitious and talented into the world of different media. The EMNI blog will provide an opportunity for up and coming photographers, journalists, models and fashionistas to test and subsequently improve their abilities whilst exploring the subjects they feel passionate about. Have a look at our introductory video for a little taste of what we’re about, and peruse the multiple projects already on show. EMNI is your chance to take a massive step towards your goals, and will provide you with invaluable experience-where EMNI has grown from the idea of two people to a network of talented individuals, you too can grow and develop-so contact us and take the first step!

The EMNI blog is now solely run by Emma Parrish, who has now graduated from Reading University with honours.



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