New Girl: Thanksgiving III: Episode 10 Season 3: Review


It’s Turkey Day in New Girl this week, and being from London I haven’t really got a clue what Thanksgiving is all about, only what I’ve learned from American TV shows. What I’ve found is that it’s pretty much about giving thanks, and spending time with your famille. It seems to me that the Americans just couldn’t hang on any longer for Christmas and wanted that turkey super early.

This was an episode that removed all the frills and most modern conveniences to leave us with an episode about principals, which is what it’s usually trying to be about. Jess wants a thanksgiving where everyone is together eating a lovely dinner, just being together. However, Nick being Nick has listened to Coach, who commented on his increased girly nature since being with Jess, and now wants to prove his manly worth. Of course, this means they’re all going camping for the holiday and they’re going to hunt for their own food. Fantastic.

The gang go along with the idea, there’s a tiny sub-plot which surrounds Schmidt, Coach, Cece and surprisingly Winston. This just continues to explore the possibilities of who Cece will be with, Schmidts keen to know how Coach and Cece’s date went. But actually, just from screen time together it seems that Cece and Winston might be hitting it off. That’s just a guess though, there’s nothing solid to ground that judgement just yet, I’ll be keeping an eye on that turkey. 

Nick tells Jess what they’re doing for Thanksgiving this year, to assert his manliness and Jess replies with this great line : “you said you were afraid a fly was gonna fly in your head and learn all your thoughts?” I love Nick’s brain, and I love that the line was delivered by Jess. It just shows how their relationship is developing, without actually being a relationship centred episode.

I was a little worried about fish-drunk Jess towards the end of the episode, I thought it was that usual gag where they cross the boundary just a little bit too far, when they really didn’t need to. But when Jess’s hallucinations are filled with such mundanity like “I’m out of the office ’til Friday, for immediate assistance, please call Deb at extension A.C. Slater” did give the joke a bit of a lift. This episode opens it arms to some of New Girl’s slapstick impulses such as Nick diving head-first into the bear trap and Schmidt “accidentally” getting caught in his own squirrel trap. Which makes a great change to the characters shouting their emotions, instead it just gives the viewers a little giggle while we see a bit more of their character.

Here’s a few funny lines I also picked up:

goodness gracious, what are you? a sorcercer? – Schmidt

I should’ve known those beets weren’t from nature. Nothing purple grows in nature. -Nick

Jess running away to be sick after eating that old, smelly fish

Winston I hate your leggings- Coach, just as I had noticed them too!


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