New Girl: Werewolf: Episode 9 Season 3: Review


When I reached the end of Werewolf I honestly couldn’t help but stare at my computer screen with my jaw dropped. This episode was weird, but don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a bad thing, it was of course classic New Girl weirdness. But my god that ending. That smooching was something else, it was…dare I say it…beastly!

This episode turned the attention to Cece, Coach and a sad Schmidt. Coach trying to hide his nervousness produced a few funny lines, in particular where he said about putting some Drake on and climbing all over Cece. However, the moments between the pair didn’t actually offer all that much in terms of their characters, instead it did shed light on the sadness that Schmidt is going through. 

Schmidt’s sadness turned into real weirdness, that bit with the brown leather sofa…creating boobs out of the cushions too, pretending it was Cece was very odd, but I loved Jess’s comment about him being disgusting. His brief scene with the pretty girl at the bar was great. As was his comment to Jess prior to when he sees her with a flip phone: “She’s either poor, or a time traveler.” This was a great little reference as I’d just watched the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode.

Then this episode gets a little weird. Jess hits Schmidt with her car, then later they are sitting in said car just watching a couple make out in an alley way. Gross but did give me a chuckle. Then, we’ve got Winston and of course our beloved Furguson, but it doesn’t matter how cute we think the cat is or how funny Winston can be- their relationship has got increasingly more worrying- Winston needs to get out and meet some “human women” to which Nick replies “is there any other kind?” Now, with Nick in mind some people have said that Nick didn’t really contribute to this episode, and wasn’t really missed. Well, I have other ideas, and not just because I love Nick’s character, but he actually had some funny lines. Such as his childlike comment about the bolognie sandwich at the bus driver’s apartment, “i don’t like it” as he nimbles like a little mouse at it. 

So, Nick leaves the apartment with Furguson and basically Winston and this bus driver woman get it on. There’s some funny moments here, but mostly it’s pretty cringe. I look forward to seeing where this is going, and I’m hoping for more classic New Girl weirdness.


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