Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher


Billy and Me tells the story of Sophie May; a sweet young woman who is living in a small village somewhere in the Kent countryside. Her quiet life is turned upside down when an ambitious young actor, Billy Buskin, walks into her tea shop, and she doesn’t even know who he is. Giovanna Fletcher’s debut novel follows Sophie as she falls in love, and struggles to cope with the transition from her peaceful life in the countryside into the spotlight after years of shying away from attention.

This novel is probably going to be my favourite read of 2013. It was gorgeously romantic, and there wasn’t a single moment where I felt fed up or like I was reading the same old thing again. It’s deliciously old-school romantic, with layers which leave you feeling intrigued and guarantee you to keep reading. I’ve read a few books this year, mostly from American authors such as Rainbow Rowell and their endings have all been pointless. I’m just a girl, and just a girl that wants a happy ending. Thrill me until we get there, but definitely give me a happy ending. Giovanna Fletcher does that in such an extraordinary way, that she got my heart racing and my eyes welling up with tears before we reached that lovely happy ending.

Fletcher has made sure that this isn’t a simple linear narrative which we’d expect from this kind of set up. There’s such a variety of different characters, and these are what make the novel so versatile for many readers. Not only is it about the girl meeting the guy, falling in love, getting heartbroken and then reuniting for the happy ending. It’s also about how Sophie must battle her past and learn to forgive herself for things that were completely out of her hands, and let’s just say that it gets pretty emotional and I think I probably did shed more than one tear.

If you’re looking for something to read over the Christmas holidays, I suggest you pick it up now and perhaps get one for your girlfriends too. While you’re at it, support our Mcfly boys too, get “Love is on the Radio” and stay tuned to news of McBusted.




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