New Girl: Menus: Episode 8 Season 3: Review


This week there’s menus everywhere, and Jess is determined to combat those who are ruining the environment. Menus had some comic moments, and those that made me laugh the most were Winston’s falling over antics. You’d think it’d become overplayed and boring, but each fall gets funnier than the last. Once again, we’ve got some authentic weirdness that doesn’t strain to be funny- Schmidt mishearing “Nick’s in jeans” as “Nixon jeans,” Jess describing the “no” symbol in Ghostbusters terms.

I usually talk about the lack of Winston moments, but actually this episode reminds us of Cece, and where on earth she’s going to fit in, now that the drama with her and Schmidt is over. That might be a case of matching Cece and Coach up, but I’m not so sure about that. Damon Wayans Jr slots back into the cast with such ease that it’s as though he never left.  The crispness of his delivery (“PEANUTS stands for ‘Physical Education Activity Nuts!”) did make me laugh out loud, because you could see the actors themselves laughing.

Britney bitch. I absolutely loved watching Coach and Nick work out to Britney’s new song “Work”. I love it when New Girl goes mainstream rather than driving down its alternative indie cool routes, because it demonstrates the authenticity of the show. People that listen to alternative music that nobody else has heard of have to work hard to find that music and get into it, and then they pretend that they’ve missed the new Britney track. Plus, I find that song hilarious anyway- she’s rhyming “bikini” with “Maserati”

Unfortunately, LOLferguson didn’t appear in this episode, but I think we can safely say that the drawings of Jess’s students replaced the gap left by our favourite cat. The kids didn’t even know how to draw the ocean, and come up with crazy things like a bagel with wings.


Here’s a few other observations:

  • Nick is comfortable with the strength afforded by his body type: “I’m old-fashioned, Coney Island fat strong.”
  • Jess, who’s also a bit of a motivational speaker: “As long as hot dogs are hats, anything is possible.”
  • Nick’s greeting for an ailing Winston suggests he’s been keeping up on Netflix: “What’s up, Jason Street!” Winston’s pride in the chair, however, suggests he’s not keeping up with the news: “IRONSIDE!”
  • Life’s just unfair, isn’t it, Jess? “There are menus everywhere, and there are kids who wants to see the ocean…”

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