New Girl: Coach: Episode 7 Season 3: Review

627We’ve had a week off due to America’s version of the X Factor, fantastic for them but not so fantastic for us New Girl fans. So, Coach is back and guess what? He can’t remember who Jess is! How could anybody forget our beautifully bubbly Jess?! However, the return of Coach does not disappoint this week, he’s newly single and wants to pick up exactly where he left off when he moved out. Except now, not all of the men in the loft are single and hopeless like they probably were before. Now we’ve got two of the flatmates together, Nick and Jess and again this is an episode all about growing up.

This episode had some highs and some lows, mostly highs of course because it is New Girl and I can’t really knock it. Nick and Jess kind of break up in this episode, because Coach wants to go to a strip-club with his lads. Nick is too afraid to say no, and just wants to be a bro. The couple have a little disagreement about using the terms “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” and end up deciding that they’re better off going their separate ways for the night and getting notoriously drunk.

New Girl is brilliant at getting drunk. This is where we got that amazingly intricate drinking game, True American which all use Brits want to play, but simply can’t because we don’t have a fantastic loft like the guys in the show do. However, this time Nick is the sensible one, despite actually going to the strip club with his bros he recognises that he’s got a good thing going with Jess and strives to get home to her in one piece. Whereas, Jess, being naughty decided to get crunked in the bar where Nick works and tells Cece about a guy she fancies at the local coffee shop she goes to. This is smooth talking Taye Diggs. This is the part that made me laugh the most this week, Jess’s reactions to Taye Diggs. Especially, at the end when he’s fully naked in her bed doing a weird circular stomp to lure her in with him.

We’re always talking about Winston’s role in New Girl and we’re not going to stop now. This week, he had a good, comic storyline. He’d accidentally withdrawn 2000 dollars worth of “bunny money”, money which can only be spent at the strip club. They all end up wearing all of the merchandise they could find, and the show ends with them eating take-out food for dinner from the club with a variety of sex-fuelled names.


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