Why are Soulja Boy’s clothes so big?

I’ve been asking this question for a long, long time. His t-shirts alone are probably big enough to house a small Indonesian family in monsoon season. It’s not just Soulja Boy that shows off this fashion statement, it’s many other rappers in the industry. I guess it’s a way of identifying with the genre of music, just the same as goths wear black fishnets and punks have mohicans (this totes wanted to autocorrect to Mozambicans) and Chuck Taylors. But seriously, the things Soulja Boy “sings” about are usually about bootilicious babes, with their “donks” hanging out. Yes, according to Urban Dictionary a “donk” is “a very round, attractive ghetto style booty”. Therefore, surely while he’s wearing these oversized t-shirts and three quarter length trousers, these donks are pretty much unattainable. Here’s my theory: He’s using the extra material to attract the scantily clad donks- because they obviously want to cover up. Or, he’s actually using it to smother and kill them all. “Crank That”- just another term for killing these donks.

Google doesn’t even know why his clothes are so big. 

This turned into a really weird post. In conclusion, Soulja Boy’s got a pretty warped sense when it comes to those donks.


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