New Girl: Keaton: Episode 6 Season 3: Review



(Some amazing Halloween decor, but I don’t think we saw enough of it in the episode! Use it for inspiration anyway ;))

Halloween is upon us already in New Girl this week, but don’t worry it’s not full of ghost and ghouls and the regular clichéd holiday fun. I may have said it before but this episode has actually been my favourite of the season so far. We’ve shifted away from Jess and Nick for the time being, which is great because it means they’re complacent and that’s what we wanted. Instead, they’ve opted for the focalisation of Schmidt’s story. He’s been crumbling for a few episodes now and up until now I’ve not had much sympathy for him, because what he did was wrong. However, in this episode I really felt for him and it almost made me emotional.

Despite this episode not being truly in the spirit of Halloween, it did even better. We had some great costumes: David Letterman gave me a giggle as did Nick’s “King of the Mountain…of Trash!” and of course the Schmidt’s Public Serpent! “This is the night when anyone can dress up in a costume and be anybody they want,” Jess declares drunkenly and it’s interesting she should say this while dressed in her second costume of the evening, Batman. This show is all about disguises and adding random names to certain things: it’s about facade, fun and forgetting that we’re unemployed. In this world, we have pogos, we can be Julius Pepperwood or Theodore K. Mullins and we can most certainly say douche-ay instead of touché. Therefore, if Jess, Nick and the crew are always adopting pseudonyms and alter egos, then really every day is Halloween on New Girl and therefore New Girl is a Halloween show. Just like the Simpsons in a Halloween show and The OC is a Thanksgiving/Chrismukkah show.  With “Keaton”, this episode follows one particular Halloween stereotype which I really like, and which was used a lot in Sabrina the Teenage Witch (another Halloween show) and that’s the use of flashbacks.

We’re just learning about Schmidt’s life-long correspondence with “Michael Keaton” and these are the episodes which are always the best. It’s told in a negative way, with endearing qualities. Schmidt’s this fat cutie who writes to Keaton with all of his problems, it’s actually his Mum until college when the torch is passed on to Nick. The Keaton catfishing could give you the impression that it’s following recent popular culture trends for example, Glee and recent documentary/reality television concerning this. However, it doesn’t blow up or make a big deal about the catfishing itself; instead it simply allows the characters to deal with their problems. This is dealt with in a tender way, and what with seeing fat Schmidt in his childhood the audience realise that Schmidt isn’t the bad guy after all, he’ll “always be the fat boy who eats fat-boy cheese”.

This is the episode where Schmidt finally sees Cece again, and instead of it being a dramatic big deal, its okay. Cece feels as though it’s brought closure for her, and Schmidt runs away in his serpent costume. Jess and Cece had a great comic moment, with some really fun energy- I would’ve happily watched that “batmanmobile” bit on loop for a couple more minutes. “Keaton” was a great, refreshing episode: it’s nice to see the main cast getting on and not in conflict, we’re getting back to New Girl being about weird people who help other weird people solve their weird problems and that’s fantastic.


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