New Girl: The Box: Episode 5 Season 3: Review


Money money money, it’s so funny, in ol’ Nick Miller’s eyes. This episode runs along the same lines as many sit-coms have done in the past, asking the age old question: “Am I a good person?” The Box in question is Nick’s collection of bills, overdue taxes and other debts which he refuses to pay until gay marriage is legalised in all of the states (nice way of touching on your New Girl liberalism there). 

A strange, suspiciously Kevin Bacon-like knocks on the door and gives Nick a paper bag- a will from his deceased father. He’s terrified it’s a hand, it’s not it’s just a “handful of dollar bills y’all” which made my inner gangster laugh as Jess merrily said this. It’s curious as to why they don’t take this as an opportunity to explore Nick’s feelings towards his relationship which his father- instead we’re looking more at the character of Nick himself. As this season has developed it feels as if its not just a question of “what makes us good people”, it’s more “what will make us whole people?”  We’re in season 3, and we’re seeing how Nick and Jess are giving eachother a little bit of push and pull, changing things in their relationship to make it work. Admittedly, Nick has some crazy that needs to be filtered out and Jess does well in this episode to achieve that, even sacrificing her vintage purses (which get thrown outside to Outside Dave, which is absolutely fine by me. I love their relationship) although it did make my heart skip a little to see the purses thrown so heartlessly away.

This hasn’t been the best episode of season 3, although there were a few lines that did give me a giggle. In particular Nick chatting drunkenly to himself at the bar about the material value of money: “Silver? Put a werewolf in front of me, he’s dead.” I’d love to hear more about Nick’s zombie novel- even if he did finish it abruptly in the last season. Again, the bar is a strange place- and allows some special people to occupy it: “give me 50 dollars and I’ll show you my private parts” says a deranged elderly man, who makes some debatable sounds and shapes with his non-existent lips. Yuk. The line that left me thinking, “ah that’s what I came here for” was the same white-beard man calling hopelessly after Schmidt as he leaves the bar, “Heathcliff”. I love moments like that- so out of context, and perfect wtf moments that make you laugh.

I’ve noticed that this season has increased in volume, and what I mean by this is there’s been a whole lot more screaming matches this season. Albeit classic New Girl humour I don’t think I could stand to listen to continuous Jess/Nick shouting about “Bobby’s Pins”- sometimes funny, but I think the more subtle instances like Winston wanting to wish for more candelabras if a genie did appear after rubbing it. Sure we’ve got onto episode 5 (quite quickly) but it is noticeably out of character for New Girl to be this wild with its noise levels. It did however makes sense as our guest cast member, famed for his comic howling was Jon Lovitz, who played an interesting role as Schmidt’s Rabbi.

As a whole this episode didn’t seem to be sewn together neat enough for me. I didn’t see Winston enough, and when I did it was a funny candelabra joke, which included genuine laughter from him, Schmidt’s plot was a bit tame and I didn’t really care for him trying to realise if he was a good person or not, ’cause as Jess so wisely put it “you cheated on my best friend, Schmidt.” In all honesty, it’s going to take him and the gang a while to get back on the horse from that. As for Nick and Jess- I’m liking it, I would like there to be more of a focus on what’s wrong with Jess for once, because it seems like Nick has all these crazy problems and she wants to change a lot about him. However, the final scenes where they have a good ol’ rant about the banking system (you go Glenn Coco!) and manage to get an 8$ charge taken off Nick’s first bank account is lovely, and there’s some nice lovey dovey smooching, which just melts your heart don’t it? Coupled with the mutterings of the bitter woman working at the bank. LOLcats, where’s Ferguson this episode?


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