New Girl: The Captain: Episode 4 Season 3: Review

new-girl-3x04-the-captain-6Last episode Schmidt’s two-timing escapades saw him crumble to the ground and then declare that revenge was the only thing that could comfort him, because of Nick and Jess’s meddling. He’s ready to do anything in his power to sabotage their relationship, while Winston’s already put together a survival kit which includes a blindfold, a bell collar and a deck of cars. On showing us the deck of cards, there was a very awkward trick while the credits were rolling- slow and creepy is the only way to describe.

So, this episode is titled “The Captain”, I thought we were going to meet a new character that was potentially going to get mixed up with Nick and Jess, alas it did get mixed up but it was a sex position. Schmidt tells Jess of “The Captain”, she annoys me here for being so gullible- she knows that he’s out for revenge. The way he does this is through the classic comedic device of turning on something loud while he talks (a blender) so that we can’t hear the important parts. What we do know of the daring sex act is that it involves racial slurs, dolphin sounds and a spyglass. I’ll leave that up to you to interpret.

The whole point of Schmidt telling Jess about this crazy sex move is because they’re having a little trouble in the bedroom trouser department. These guys have been together a month, I’d like to think that they had no need for spicing up their sex lives- but apparently they do. The “Get Lucky” montage was amusing, but I felt that the music was out of place and ,dare I say it, too mainstream for this hip show.

The storyline was resolved quite nicely in this episode, nothing over the top or repetitively stupid. Schmidt’s meddling ends up aiding Nick and Jess with their relationship, leading them to Nick’s emotional outpour  which had some classic New Girl bits, like his passion for the cello, Gavin the zebra and rap songs with choirs in them. Some may say that Schmidt’s attempt to win back Cece at the end of this episode was feeble, but I felt like he was the Phantom of the Opera, hiding on the stairs watching as the one he loves waltzes on by with someone else. He’s learning from his wrongdoings, and that’s good- New Girl needs seriousness. With this kind of issue there’s simply no room to skim over.

Winston. Winston. Winston. You need your own review, sometimes. This episode surprised me. I didn’t like where we were going with his character, I didn’t want him to become this full-time cat person that eventually fizzles out and moves in with the Aristocats in Paris. The scenes with the cat girl were pretty funny where he failed to clue in to her obvious come-ons and feline innuendo (“How often do you groom your cat?”). It was nice that Winston helped resolve the main problem of this episode by calling a loft meeting (“There will be no snacks!”)

In the final moments of this episode, I think I got the most laughs from the Schmidt and his after-effects of taking the pill. He’s wrapped up in a blanket donning the most feminine of voices coming out with lines such as “If someone were to blow on my nipples, I would positively scream”. I think this is a stand-out episode for both Schmidt and Season 3 as a whole. We’ve got a good mix of unique New Girl weirdness and also some actual serious moments, which it truly needed. Winston’s cat situation was less of a drag this time and actually quite humourous.

My Favourite Lines:

“cat bachelor party, big booty cats little booty cats, get us a couple of siamese get weird with it…”

“Kate and Will, I could break them up with one e-mail, oh look at that living with slutty Aunt Pippa”


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