New Girl: Double Date: Episode 3 Season 3: Review


Now that Jess and Nick are getting into the swing of being a full time couple and they’re under the assumption that Schmidt has finally settled with just one girlfriend, it’s time to whip out the concept of a double date. The episode starts off with Schmidt annoyingly still talking to Elizabeth on his phone, despite having a Cece-just-wearing-a-shirt in his bedroom. They kick off with some bedroom talk, something about stuffing a sock in his mouth- bit weird to be fair, but nonetheless its classic New Girl humour. However, the classic New Girl humour that I love is that weird kind of weird that everyone loves and takes part in but never quite tells anybody- yeah that’s right its Winston and Ferguson. While the rest of the main characters are happily coupled up, Winston’s not so he’s chosen to couple up with the unusual looking Ferguson. They shared a good line though, “chill out man I’ll make you some coffee” while the cat simply held the form of its natural face.

Cut to Jess and Nick in bed, this is cute and something we were all waiting for, for the most of season 1 and 2. They’re talking about how her arm makes a gravelly noise when she bends it, the root cause “pumping her fist too hard at a Weird Al show”- of course Miss Jessica Day loves Weird Al. Obvs. Cece interrupts and waltzes right in despite Nick being naked- he makes a point of that and gives her no choice but to stay in the room while he swings on by. Interestingly, this may have been the moment where she got the idea of where to hit him later on in the show. I love that Jess refers to them as her “bro and her hoe”- that’s always gotta get a laugh. Nick and Schmidt had a good scene when Schmidt admitted to his two-timing. Nick is shouting at him, and rightly so, but the entire time he looks like he’s trying not to laugh. In my eyes this is comedy, so it’s cool, but if this was Breaking Bad…

Now, we can’t avoid talking about the motorcycle helmet. Nick puts it on so Jess can’t see his lying face, she doesn’t question it too much she just thinking they’re going to have “no kiss sex” and that’s the only way to do it. I like how they break away from teacher Jess, where she’s almost too naive to be considered ultra sexy- but then she has these little moments.

Overall, this episode answers the question we’ve been asking throughout the first two episodes of this season, what is gonna make Nick and Jess fall apart? Schmidt. I certainly don’t want them to be apart, but as far as I can see its the only way to keep the audience umming and ahhing. What we are now umming and ahhing at now is the fact that poor Schmidty’s life is crumbling to the ground, and he’s lost both women. We saw it coming, he deserves it but we sympathise for our loveable Jew. Or do we? Seeing as revenge is now his only solace. So, now we’ve got Jess, Nick and Schmidt curled up in an interesting storyline, but what about Winston (we’re always wondering!) and his furry friend? How are they going to be involved?

Did anyone else gasp when Nick got punched in the balls by Cece?


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