New Girl: Nerd: Episode 2 Season 3: Review


After watching the first episode of season 3, I repeatedly said that Winston needs to given more of the plot. Episode 2 did just that, but it was a bit weird really. Weird in the best possible New Girl way- he spent the whole 20 minutes trying to kill Daisy’s cat. The cat was just like Hermione’s Crookshanks, but a different colour and if I’m honest [and not completely biased] the cat, Ferguson, stole the show.

As expected, this episode was set to put Nick and Jess’s romance storyline on the shelf for a bit- because we know there is drama to come, but it can’t be shoved in our faces in episode 2. We’ve gotta leave room for comedy. However, despite Ferguson the cat stealing the show, New Girl has left Winston out once again. There was a focus on him, but the sequences of him trying to kill the cat with various torture equipment just wasn’t that funny. The other characters received the comedy that he should have had, for example, when Jess is drunk at the bar, as she is desperately trying to fit in with a group of mean teachers, she states that “sometimes firemen are women” and hopelessly dances in a toilet bowl- which is cringe to say the least.

Schmidt’s storyline is a classic sit-com route for the writers to go down, but its lathered up with solid one liners and cool references : “A perfect 2/3rds replica of Don Draper’s office from ‘Mad Men.” Schmidt is at his office party, and of course he’s invited both the women he’s in love with Cece and Elizabeth. We all know that he truly loves Cece, and Elizabeth is just there to share fond memories with. Of course, the problem is that he hasn’t chosen one yet, and hasn’t told either of them that they’re both at the same partly. Problemos.

Memories are something New Girl does very well, almost better than some of the flashback moments of Friends. This episode didn’t fail- Nick and his hackey sacking college days was quick, but was knock-you-in-the-face funny.

Overall, the Nick/Jess relationship was present in the episode but it wasn’t the focus, and it felt like a genuine part of Jess’s life and in particular her plot to fit in with the ‘cool’ clique of teachers at school. In terms of the episode’s title “Nerds” I feel that Nick was the real winner here playing the part of the supportive, loving boyfriend who helps her out at all costs to fit in at her new school. Cute. “You’re Nick Miller’s girl, now”, he tells her, one of the funnier comments from the episode. They also called each other ‘sex partner’, which was great.

There were plenty of witty comments and solid one-liners circulating throughout an enjoyable episode – but for sure Ferguson, our feline friend took New Girl to some new furry heights.


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