New Girl: All In: Episode 1 Season 3: Review


It seems like I’ve been waiting a whole year for my next New Girl fix, or should I say my ‘ol Nick Miller fix. This first episode didn’t disappoint, as it commences we can see that it fits nicely into its Fox slot as the go-to show for a little sexy, smart and frankly hipster treat. I must say this is probably my favourite comedy on television at the moment, because it actually causes some laugh out loud moments. Remember that weird asian man in the swimming pool with Nick?

Straight away we jump in the Nick-Jess-are-they-aren’t-they thing, we think that it’s all hunky dory and that it’ll be all cute. They pull over in the car they left the last season in, and some hanky-panky happens on the passenger seat. When they realise that they’ll have to just go home, questions arise whether their relationship will work after all. So, of course they continue driving…to Mexico.

Schmidt’s got some romance problemos too, he’s STILL deciding between Elizabeth and Cece. Personally, I feel the obvious choice is Cece as that’s the one he’s been wanting for the past two seasons. Gah.

Don’t forget about Winston, he’s still here too. But, once again he’s been given this daft storyline. He’s sitting there doing a puzzle, its such a weak plot point. He’s the Joey character, right? Even Joey got some good stories. What’s happened to Daisy [aka London Tipton], why can’t Winston find love too? 

There is one hilarious moment in this episode, and its Schmidt pointing out the fact that Winston is colour blind which makes him “crippled”. Winston thinks his shoes are brown, when in fact they’re grey- Schmidt asks him what colour he thinks he is.

We return to Mexico, Nick has got himself in trouble with the authorities for no reason really- just through his pure stubbornness. This ends up reuniting the whole gang in Mexico and Nick is of course, released from a somewhat luxurious Mexican prison.

The big question is, how long is Jess and Nick’s romance going to last? We could debate that by putting the adorable duo together so early on in the season is doomed to failure. Think of one of your favourite TV shows and tell me if one lasted from beginning to the end of the season without failure (let’s bar Marshall and Lily HIMYM). Nick and Jess are ‘all in’ with their new relationship, and it’ll be fun watching them cope with life living in the flat with the scrutiny of Winston and Schmidt. We’ve just gotta wait and see if its going to last the whole season, only time will tell- maybe Winston will get a decent story.

Overall, I was expecting more passion from our lovely couple (think back to THAT kiss, the one I had to rewind and replay) and the one-liners didn’t quite reach the level of previous New Girl hilarity. But hey, maybe they’re just easing us in.



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