Smile. – A Dark Short Film

Smile.- A Dark Short Film by Sam Thornton
(I helped tech and stuff )


Waddup, I got a short film.

It may be simple in design, but it took months of planning and the amount of help I got during film was extraordinary. I’d like to give a special thanks To: Lisa Purse, John Gibbs, Pam Wiggins, Chris Bacon, Chris Martin, Emily Summerton, everyone who supported me behind the scenes and on the way. Thank You.


A man wakes up trapped in a room being stared down by two strange, silent, masked strangers. A projection then appears in front of the man: Smile.

A Dark Short Film Written, Directed and Produced by Sam Thornton
Music Composed by Sam Thornton

Smiler – Thomas Pressland
Mask 1 – Richard Hall
Mask 2 – Tayla Baker
Citizens – Aliyah Bostan, Ellie Dearing, Emma Parrish, Jack Milam, Martina Bassenger, Michelle Badipe, Miri Buac, Nick Askill

Smile Cover

You can watch the video HERE 

I recommend watching in…

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