Episode I: Return of the Cinema

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The Cinema Lives!

Having just graduated from University as a film student, I have found myself in a bit of a slump. From watching them on a daily basis, to writing papers on them, the lack of film viewing has suddenly left me with clapperboard-shaped hole in my heart. (A slightly Sirk-ian melodramatic there, but I’m not apologising)

It feels as though I haven’t seen a film for yonders. The ever growing list of ‘must see films’ is becoming just as long as the journey to Mordor but AT LEAST there was an end in sight to that.

For now, it seemed, my film induced drought was to last. In film student world, thats like waiting for your footage to render, only for the computer to crash at the last moment. Film was all becoming but a distant memory and it was looking terminal.

But Alas, there is a higher…

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