That week before Uni…

It’s that week before university.

You know, that time when Summer comes crashing to an almighty end and all the worries of money, study and the dark cold of winter sets in.

I’m actually quite enthused about the dark cold of winter- I love Autumn/Winter. You get to cosy up in warm jumpers and coats, wear boots with long cosy socks, drink hot chocolate before bed and snuggle up in warm pyjamas online shopping for Christmas. What can’t you love about that?

I mean, the only thing I probably don’t like too much about the coming Winter months is the fact that I’ll have to work hard throughout them all. I don’t just mean university/work writing, I mean the part where you actually have to climb out of your cave of cosy and venture to campus/train station/ work. This is always an epic struggle, especially if its snowing.

Ice on the pavement walking up the hill to Reading campus is not much fun at all. Plus, there’s that whole thing where you put loads of warm clothes on because its so cold outside, but then by the time you finally make it to campus you’re uncontrollably sweating because of your treacherous journey. Then you’re just uncomfortable, and usually out of breath when you’re sitting in the lecture hall ready to talk about James Stewart’s lens sizes. How inappropriate.


I’ve also done some crazy shopping as a way of treating myself because of all the hard teaching work I’ve been doing lately. I shall upload another post today showing you guys all of my lovely purchases. Some of which I haven’t received yet, so fingers crossed that they’re all okay!


I’m thinking of setting up a proper EMNI shop, just on eBay to begin with so I can get the ball rolling.


be back later today 😉

Emma xxxxxx


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