2012 Wardrobe Essentials

There’s only one way to beat those January blues and that is with some fresh new fashion pieces for your wardrobe. Lucky for you, EMNI has put together the ultimate wardrobe for 2012! Enjoy 😉

Here’s what’s in my wardrobe at the moment:

Pieces from: H&M[jumper, black and pink dress and skirt], Forever21 [heels], Kurt Geiger[boots], Jack Wills [shirt] , Be Beau[white dress] and an eBay seller [leopard print dress].

Girls, if you do one thing in life- it has to be eBay shopping. Not just second hand magical finds- but sellers from Japan, China or any area like that- the clothes are cute and they are very cheap! [It’s just the hassle of waiting up to 28 day for things to arrive, but it’s always worth it!] I’ll continue to update this blog with my eBay finds!

And here’s a selection of pieces I really want… 😉

Pieces from: ASOS [blue lace dress, black sequin dress and sheer maxi skirt] , http://www.net-a-porter.com [all sequin dress- check out the price!] and EMNI [t-shirt]

The white dress I have in my wardrobe needs updating, as I can’t see myself wearing it again as it is- so I’m gonna embrace the idea of the sheer maxi skirt and add some cream organza/chiffon as a maxi skirt to it…keep checking back on the site for a how to guide on how to transform your old dresses into classy sheer maxi gems!








Obviously the skirt won’t be black- it’ll be a cream colour 😉

-Emma xxx


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