Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows- Visual Masterpiece

This is quite possibly Guy Ritchie’s best film, since Lock Stock of course. Aesthetically, this film is mind-blowing- the fight scenes and chase scenes absorb the audience completely into this debonair sleuth world with exciting use of slow-motion techniques married with real- time action.   Also, cleverly Ritchie often uses these flourishes to capture not simply a punch-up in progress, but something happening in Holmes’s mind, his lightning-fast sizing-up of any conflict situation, and his scoping out of minuscule clues.

Robert Downey Jr. is a great outrageous Holme’s and really makes Iron Man look horrendously boring in comparison. And as Watson, Jude Law comes across as a cool, calm and collected seducer-of-the-camera lens. But what I’m really interested in, is the inspiration for The Conductor of which this film has evoked!

Set in 1891, the 19th Century is drawing to an uneasy close: anarchist bombings and of course the rising tensions of many European powers. Now, The Conductor does not deal with these issues- but this film has got me thinking that maybe it should.

In terms of costume, this film shows great correlation to the ideas I have for my Victorian horror, especially in the way that the men are dressed. But of course, I don’t mean the lack of clothes Stephen Fry appears [or doesn’t appear] to be wearing in one very long scene! I’d also like to have another look at Watson’s wedding scene too, as I could definitely use this as a guideline for the marriage of Arthur and Adelaide in The Conductor, especially in terms of costume.

All in all, a definite must-see and I look forward to watching it again!


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