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Dream Diary Entry #1

I’m on a road trip with my immediate family but we’re American. We’re driving the car from Matilda, you know the one where the baby slides around in the back, even though it’s only like a day old. It’s also an open road on the desert, but we’re definitely heading towards a British caravaning/camping site. So anyway, we’ve stopped at a service station and my grandad tells me to get plenty of snacks for the journey, he’s looking specifically for a small loaf of white bread. Me? Do I go for the normal road trip snacks nope. I’m buying all of the pastries and baked goods. I can’t help myself, I start off with lots of danish pastries and croissants then I move onto the more “practical” bread family of bagels. When I reach the queue grandad is really unimpressed with my purchases and shakes his loaf of bread at me as if it’s the best example to set me. I ignore this as I notice I’ve forgotten the doughnuts. I sprint, yes sprint, to these luxuriously sprinkled doughnuts stacked on the shelves like magazines. I scoop them into my arms- I don’t even have the intelligence to get myself a basket! Then I get back in the queue and stand quietly next to grandad, trying to avoid him noticing that I’ve piled even more into my arms. I then see jam doughnuts. It’s like I’ve seen a million pounds stacked up in gold bars. I drop everything and run to these jam doughnuts. They smell so good.

We then cut to being back in the car, but I’ve gone and forgotten my passport! I think surely I’ll be okay because we’re not actually going anywhere abroad. I take out my provisional driving license and show my mum’s boyfriend he says that if that won’t work he’ll lend me his passport number…

Merry Christmas EMNI followers!

It’s now the 27th of December and it feels like Christmas passed by in one big festive blur. For the past couple of years it has come round far too quickly, and I think that’s probably because I’m almost 22. Which sucks. However, the feeling of excitement on Christmas eve hasn’t disappeared yet, in fact that’s probably my favourite part of Christmas. As my uncle says, the fun is in the preparation. I had lots of fun Christmas shopping from as early as September and wrapping all of the presents by about November 1st. Probably sounds a bit ridiculous, but it did equal a stress free crimbo.

As for the new year, I’m pretty excited to be going out for the first time ever. Although, I’m usually full of resolutions for the new year but this time- not really. I guess the only thing I am going to start doing on a regular basis is saying no to things I do not want to do, and saying yes to new opportunities. You can’t just be a yes man, you’ve gotta be a no man too.

Merry Christmas to all my followers, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Expect to see some wacky posts in 2014! ❤